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Les MiserablesNow On Stage

Les Miserables, Student Edition
A Musical Drama, Book by: Alain Boublil
Lyrics by: Alain Boublil and Herbert Kretzmer
Music by: Claude-Michel Schönberg
Additional material by James Fenton
Based on the novel by Victor Hugo

Directed by Lynn and Randy Perkins
July 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27

Dates are color coded by double-cast roles: Red or Black.

Benefit Performances:

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Les Mis

This epic story recounts the struggle against adversity in 19th century France. Imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, petty thief Jean Valjean is released from his 19-year term and not only becomes an honest man, but the mayor of a prosperous town and a loving adoptive father - violating his parole in the process. The relentless Inspector Javert, who makes a decent life for Valjean impossible, consequently pursues him. Only years later, after Valjean proves his mettle during a bloody student uprising and saves the life of a young man hopelessly in love with Valjean’s adopted daughter, does the ex-convict finally feel fully redeemed. “Theater just doesn’t get any better than this.” – Miami Herald


Production Crew


Randy Perkins, Lynn Perkins

Stage Manager

Carol Oalmann, Mary West

Musical Director

Kenya Lawrence Jackson, Shawn Patterson

Light Design

Randy Perkins, Mike Sibley, Carson Cromartie

Set Artists

Melanie Burck, Kyrie Coye

Set Construction

Paul Gardner, Michael Dale, Paul Dale, Chris Abide, Randy Perkins

Set Crew

Dione Yager, Shelley Falkenstein, Rene Sibley, Joy Thompson, Bob Coates, Cast


Gary Ledet

Rehearsal and Performance Accompanist

Duane Blake

Keyboard Accompanist

Gail Adams


Tracy Lasseigne


Jan Pine


Janet Grouchy, Janet Gernon, Lydia Ballard


Kathi Zenor

Sound & Special Effects

Carson Cromartie


Mike Sibley

Volunteer Coordinator

Joy Thompson

Ad Sales

Ellen O’Connell


Ellen O’Connell, Jim O’Connell

Graphic Design, Webmaster

Wendy Schneider


Wendy Schneider, Jim O’Connell, Steve Patrick, Lisa Erichson



Special thanks to: See-Hear Productions for the loan of the fog machine, Stephen Dale for the loan of sound equipment, Bob Coates, the Casts, Crew and their Families for the gifts of their time, talent and resources, Wendy Schneider for going above and beyond, and to our daughter, Shannon, for her gift of encouragement.


Cast of Characters
*Red Cast performs July 11, 13, 17, 19, 22, 25, 27
**Black Cast performs July 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 26


Chris Abide

Jean Valjean,* Imposter, Combeferre

Andrew Aceves

Gavroche's Gang, Onlooker

Jacquelyn Achord

Choreographer, Girl 3, Woman 3, Lovely Lady, Poor

Laura Ballard


Emmy Bennett

Onlooker 1, Lovely Lady, Woman

Meredith Bennett

Onlooker 2, Worker 2

Megan Bickham


Maile Binion

Onlooker 3, Lovely Lady 1, Woman 2, Court, Poor

Jenny Bravo


Reid Butler

Bishop*, Prouvaire, Poor, Wedding Guest

Courtney Calato

Worker 1, Lovely Lady, Court, Poor, Woman, Onlooker 4

Hailey Caldwell

Onlooker 1, Nun

Emily Campbell

Young Eponine

Theresa Carollo

Girl 2, Lovely Lady, Sister

Sara Chauppette

Onlooker 2, Nun, Lovely Lady

Hunter Christopher

Convict 1, Sailor 1, Montparnasse, Joly, Fauchelevant, Major Domo

Leah Couvillon

Girl 2, Lovely Lady

Grace Dale

Onlooker 3, Women, Poor

Stephen Dale


Charles Early

Farmer, Brujon, Army Officer, Bambatois

Gia Erichson

Factory Girl*, Lovely Lady 2, Woman 1, Eponine US*

Aaron Falkenstein

Constable, Onlooker, Customer, Babet, Lesgles, Traveler

Abigail Gardner


Graham Griener

Enjolras, Convict 5

James Hamann

Poor, Onlooker, Customer, Student

Calla Harper

Worker 2, Sister

Mary Elizabeth Harper

Young Eponine**

Michael Paul Harrison


Mary Claire Hessemer

Little Cosette*, Poor, Servant**

Emily Hynes

Poor, Worker, Onlooker, Court,Woman

Anne Labranche

Onlooker 4

Emily Lasseigne

Young Cosette**, Young Eponine*

Shelby Ledet

Solo Urchin, Lovely Lady, Women

Elise Leveille

Solo Urchin, Lovely Lady, Girl 1, Onlooker 4, Servant

Jamie Lombardino

Old Woman*, Woman 3,Girl 4

Kameron Lopeore

Jean Valjean**, Imposter, Combeferre

Margaret McNeal


Corrine Nagim

Lovely Lady 2

Chris Newhouse

Marius**, Prouvaire

Katy O'Connell

Worker 1, Women, Customer, Poor, Onlooker

Ashley Osbourn

Madame Thenardier*

Carly Palazzo

Madame Thenardier**

Jonathan Pittman

Convict 2 & 4, Foreman 4, Sailor 2, Claquesous, Grantaire, Customer

Michael Rees

Poor, Customer, Student

Rachel Rees

Lovely Lady 3, Women, Girl 3, Poor, Court

Amber Russell

Factory Girl**, Woman 2, Lovely Lady, Customer, Eponine US**

Max Sanders-Rigaud

Gavroche's Gang

Mimi Scardulla

Old Woman**, Women. Girl 4

Alexander Sibley

Bishop**, Customer, Feuilly

Nicholas Sibley

Laborer, Cart Driver, Customer, Courfeyrac

Oliver Sibley

Customer, Family, Sentry

Kurt Thompson


Shelby Thompson

Lovely 3, Women

Weston Twardowski


Adam Vanek


Cade Varnado

Convict 3, Sailor 3, Onlooker, Judge, Customer, Student

Katie Welty

Lovely Lady 1, Women

Catie West

Poor, Factory Worker, Lovely Lady, Nun, Woman, Wedding Guest

Amanda Yager


Christopher Young

Gavroche's Gang

Kate Zenor

Woman, Women, Poor, Customer, Onlooker, Servant


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Les Misérables, School Edition

July 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays
@ 8:00 pm
Sunday Matinees
@ 2:00 pm
Adults $25 / Students $15
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