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Crimes of the Heart
A dark comedy by Beth Henley
Directed by Anne Pourciau
May 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27

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Our 2007 Cast
(in order of appearance)

LENNY MAGRATH (the oldest sister) Melissa Cretin
CHICK BOYLE (the sisters’ first cousin) Wendy Schneider
DOC PORTER (Meg’s old boyfriend) Michael Eddy
MEG MAGRATH (the middle sister) Denise Centola
BABE BOTRELLE (the youngest sister) Megan Eddy
BARNETTE LLOYD (Babe’s lawyer) Kyle Riche

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics Award, this warmhearted, irreverent, and brilliantly imaginative play examines the plight of three young Mississippi sisters betrayed by their passions. The setting is Hazelhurst, MS, where the Magrath sisters have gathered to await news of their failing grandfather, who is living out his last days at the local hospital. Lenny is the oldest, unmarried and lonely, Meg is running from a failed singing career in CA, and Babe is out on bail after shooting her husband in the stomach. Each has troubles, which are grave, yet they manage to find humor in every occasion, and in the end each learns she must escape the past in order to seize the future.

Playmakers’ 1986 Cast
Directed by Randy Aultman

LENNY MAGRATH Barbara Brocato
CHICK BOYLE Anne Pourciau
DOC PORTER Reggie Badeaux
MEG MAGRATH Denny Charbonnet
BABE BOTRELLE Nadina Longbottom


Talented trio makes 'Crimes of the Heart' a hit
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stephen Cefalu

Playmakers Theatre's current production of Beth Henley's "Crimes of the Heart" features some of the area's most talented actresses in the lead roles and the trio, as well as the rest of the cast, does not let the audience down.

For veteran Alvin Award-winning actress/director Anne Pourciau, directing the show has brought her "full circle." She was part of the cast of Playmakers 1986 production of the show.

In this current version, Pourciau directs a versatile cast that includes her daughter, Megan Pourciau Eddy. ...

Melissa Cretin is believable as the neurotic oldest sister Lenny Magrath. ...

Denise Centola is brilliant as the middle sister Meg Magrath. The risky Centola is energetic, expressive and totally convincing. ...

The last of the trio is the youngest sister Babe Botrelle and in a word,
Megan Eddy is fabulous. She comes across with a tour de force performance. Emotionally, she's all over the place and the joyous audience isn't at all hesitant to go along with her. The onstage chemistry between the sisters is evident and works. ...

Pourciau's supporting cast is also strong. Wendy Schneider is on target with her portrayal of the nosy first cousin Chick Boyle, who happens to live next door.

Michael Eddy does a nice job with his portrayal of Doc Porter. Last, but not least, is Kyle Riche, who portrays Babe's lawyer Barnette Lloyd. Riche is very convincing as the "wet behind the ears" lawyer with a significant grudge against his client's wounded husband.

Kudos to set designers Anne Pourciau, Norman Pourciau, and Russell Krogsgard for creating a believable atmosphere for the cast to bring this dark comedy to life.

Patricia Gunderson handled the stage manager's duties. The West family (Mary, Mike, Nicholas and Catie) ran the lights and sound.

Playmakers Crimes Of The Heart A Comic Classic
by Lou Gavin

From the opening curtain to the wacky ending, Playmakers’ production of Crimes of the Heart now on stage offers two hours of a bucket of laughs.  ... The play is directed by Anne Pourciau who has been associated with Playmakers since 1981 lending her extraordinary theatrical talents on and off the stage. 

... Bebe, the youngest sister, is at best ditzy. ... The character is played brilliantly by Megan Pourciau Eddy with that innocent dim-wittedness look which makes it difficult to determine if she is just slow or is she actually a black widow. ...  Melissa Cretin is simply outstanding as the oldest sister, Lenny.  ... Cretin gives the character just the right touch....

Denise M. Centola seems to have been born to play the middle sister Meg. ...Centola handles the role masterfully as she swishes about yet giving the character the charm of a Southern Belle who makes outlandish remarks intended to shock, and she has a tendency to drink too much.  Sometimes perky, other times sweet, but underneath there is a bit of a devilish streak as she has an affair with her ex-boyfriend who is now married. Centola beautifully crafts all the character’s mood so that in the end you “gotta love her.” 

Rounding out the quartet of women is the sisters’ cousin Chick Boyle played by a Playmaker favorite, the talented Wendy Schneider. While her time on stage is brief, Schneider brings just the right ambiance to the prancing, nosy, badmouthing next door cousin. ... Michael Eddy gives a credible performance as Doc Porter, the ex-boyfriend of Meg. And there is Kyle Riche, a senior at Mandeville High School, who gives an absolute perfect performance as the nerdy lawyer trying to help Babe stay out of jail.

The play is produced by Randy Perkins who also designed the lights. The stage manager is Patricia Gunderson.  The beautiful set reminiscent of an old fashion farm house kitchen was designed by Anne Pourciau, Norman Pourciau and Russell Krogsgard. There have been many great Playmakers productions over the years.  But this play is one of the best directed and best acted ever presented by Playmakers.  That’s what makes the tragic events that take or have taken place involving a totally dysfunctional family come alive as a comedy gem. The hilarious ending of the play alone is worth the price of admission. You need to go see this play.

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