Babes in Toyland
Book & Lyrics by GLEN MACDONOUGH
Direct by Judy Krogsgard
Choreography by Jessica Boudreau

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8 p.m. (Fridays and Saturdays):
July 12 (Senior Citizens& Preview)
13, 14, 20, 21, 27, & 28.

2 p.m. on  Sunday July 15, 
Sat. 21, Sun. 22, Sat. 28, & Sun 29

Mother Goose Land is all astir over the rivalry between miserly, mean-hearted Uncle Barnaby and young, handsome, gentle Alan for the love of Mistress Mary Quite Contrary. Getting in the act are Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep, and many other Mother Goose characters, along with Barnaby’s clownish hit men, Roderigo and Gonzorgo. Trying to escape, Alan and Mary have to pass through the dangerous Spider’s Forest. Even in Toyland they’re not safe, and the fast action and Victor Herbert's beautiful music continue.

Cast of Charactes (in order of appearance)

Lisa Erickson -- Mother Goose
Kathy Mall -- Widow Piper
Samantha Schott -- Mistress Mary
Justin LaPayrouse_ Tom
Chris Abide -- Allen
Meagan Robert -- Jane
Merrill  Laurent -- Barnaby
Franz Labranche -- Gonzargo
Ladson Poole -- Rodrigo
Oliver Sibley -- Ditto, Jester
Morgan Laurent -- Little Bo Peep
Kathy Mahl -- Widow Piper
Joy Thompson -- Hilda, Soldier
Amy Duhon -- Queen of Hearts
Jill Lane -- Queen of the Forest
Russell Krogsard -- Toy Master
Mathew Sens -- Grumio, Jack
Gia Erickson -- Marmaduke

Greg Labranche -- Humpty Dumpty, Giant Spider, Pie Man
Anne Labranche -- Scrambledy Ann
Autumn Strickland -- Lady in Waiting, Gypsy, Soldier
Shelby Thompson-Piper Child, Gypsy, Soldier
Amanda Strain -- Piper Child “Monday”, Woodland, Fairy, Rag Doll
Amanda Kitch -- Piper Child “Tuesday, Curley Locks
Kathryn O’Connell -- Piper Child “Thursday”, Rag Doll, Woodland Fairy
Hannah Waldron -- Piper Child “Friday”, Woodland Fairy, Jester
Gabby Filiberto -- Piper Child “Saturday”, Soldier, Rag Doll
Kurt Thompson -- Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Jester

Lucas Waldron -- Little Boy Blue, Jester
Alexander Sibley -- Simple  Simon, Sailor 1
Nicholas Sibley  -- Jack Be Nimble, Sailor 2
Julianna Laurent -- Sally Waters, Woodland Fairy, Soldier
Andy Smith -- Bobby Shafto
Sally Duhon -- Piper Child, Woodland Fairy

Lizzy Duhon -- Jill of “Jack and Jill”
Carly Palazzo -- Little Miss  Muffett, Gypsy, Soldier
Kirsten Lapuyade -- Piper Child, Gypsy, Soldier
Katy Welty -- Piper Child, Gypsy, Soldier, Toyshop Doll
*Demi Reilly -- Mouse #1, Toyshop Doll, Woodland Fairy, Soldier
Stephanie Nuccio -- Mounw #2
Olivia Lapuyade -- Mouse #3
Rachel Waldron -- Soldier, Rachel


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Sunday matinee @ 2:00pm

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