Playmakers Presents The Spiral Staircase

Playmakers Theater of Covington is presenting the classic thiriller, "The Spiral Staircase". The play is written for the stage by F. Andrew Leslie from the screenplay by Mel Dinelli. It is directed by Kim Mestier.

The "Spiral Staircase" is a thriller/drama. Mrs. Warren and her stepson Professor Warren live in an old Victorian house in a small town in New England. Mrs. Warren is completely bedridden. A young women, Helen, is her companion and helper but has been unable to speak since childhood. Someone in the area has already killed three young women who suffer afflictions such as being crippled, facially scarred and being simple minded. There is concern by all associated with the Warren household that Helen may be targeted because of being afflicted with the inability to speak. The murderer has been traced by the local police to the vicinity of the Warren home and the local constable comes by to warn the household to be particularly careful to watch over Helen. A young doctor is trying to convince Helen to see a specialist in Boston who may be able to help her recover her ability to speak. There is a nurse who has been hired to care for Mrs. Warren, but Mrs. Warren doesn't like her and refused to let the nurse attend to her. Professor Warren has an assistant, Stephen, who is somewhat romantically interested in the nurse. Stephen and Professor Warren are at odds with each other. The play is about the relationships between all these people and how they relate to the effort to stop the killer before he kills again. Helen's discovery of the killer leads to a powerful climatic scene and an astonding discovery about herself. The play is a terrifying mystery drama with ice cold suspence that is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire play.

Mestier has assembled a talent cast. Elizabeth Williams, a show-stopper everytime she's on stage plays the alcoholic Mrs. Oates. Multitalented Ken Richard lends credibility to the role of the Constable. Marshall Russell, a dramatic force plays Professor Warren The role of Helen is shared by two talented actresses. Lontiece Walker will play the role for perfomances on February 22, 23, and March 1 and 3. Elsie Sipos will perform the part on March 2,8, 9, and 10. Dr. Parry is played by a newcomer to the Playmakers stage, Jeff Polito, Christina Pizza brings a new dimenson to the character of Nurse Barker, the every Playmakers favorite Claire Jepsen takes on the demanding role of Mrs. Warren, and Chris Collins rounds out this versatile ensemble playing Stephen Rice.

The play opened Friday, Feburay 22, 2002 at 8:00pm. Other evening performances are February 23, March 1, 2, 8, and 9. Matinee performances are on Sunday, March 3 & 10 at 2:00pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5.00 for students. For more information and ticket reservations, call the Playmakers box office at 893-1671.

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