Plaza Suite

For its spring production. Playmakers performed Plaza Suite which is one of the biggest hits from Broadway's most popular playwright, Neil Simon. A richly comic play, Plaza Suite's immense popularity spawned two other "suite" plays, California Suite and London Suite. The play is set in the late 1960's and takes place in the Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park in New York City.

 Rehearsal Photos

Robert and Jill from Scene 1

John and Wendy from Scene 2

Robert with newcomer Anne Dale

Dee Dee and Lenny give notes

The play is in three acts, each featuring a different couple who stay in room 719. The first couple has been married 23 years and she has booked the room to celebrate the couple's anniversary and the result is not what the female half of the couple had planned. The male half of the second couple is a Hollywood producer, who after three marriages, is looking for fresh fields. He calls and invites his, now married high school sweetheart, who idolized him from afar, to room 719 for a drink. And during the meeting, he gets more than he bargained for. The third couple is a mother and father who are in the hotel because their only daughter is about to be married. She locks herself in the bathroom and won't come out. Her parents fight over the best way to get the soon-to-be married daughter out of the locked bathroom and down to the ballroom where guests wait the nuptials. They all communicate by passing messaging under the bathroom door.

The play is directed by Playmakers Board President, Lenny D. Minutillo, Jr. who has assemble an outstanding cast. Ann Dole takes on the roles of Jean McCormack and Mimsey Hubley; Dolores Alton is Norma Hubley; Jill Lane, a comedic wonder is a popular Playmakers performer, and last seen in this season's Rumors plays Karen Nash; John Carambat, one of the more versatile actors ever to step on Playmakers' stage is ideally cast as the Hollywood producer, Jesse Kiplinger; a Playmakers' favorite, Robert Jahncke takes on the dual roles of Sam Nash and Roy Hubley; Stephen Grush plays the bell-hop, waiter; and Wendy Schneider portrays Muriel Tate.

The play opened Friday, April 12 at 8:00pm.

About Neil Simon

Marvin Neil Simon was born in the Bronx on July 4, 1927

During the course of his career, Simon has won three Tony Awards for Best Play (The Odd Couple, Biloxi Blues and Lost in Yonkers). He has had more plays adapted to film than any other American playwright and, in addition, has written nearly a dozen original screen plays.

He received the Academy Award nominations for his screen plays The Odd Couple (1968), The Sunshine Boys (1975) and California Suite (1978). He has also been the recipient of the Antoinette Perry Award, the Writers Guild Award, the Evening Standard Award, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, The Shubert Award, the Outer Circle Award, and a 1978 Golden Globe Award for his screen play, The Goodbye Girl.

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