Murder on the Nile

In November 2000, Playmakers played host to Dame Agatha Christie's famous who-done-it, "Murder on the Nile".

The plot unfolds as the handsome Simon Mostyn marries Kay Ridgeway, a very wealthy woman, after breaking his engagement to Jacqueline de Severac, with whom he was in love and who was also Kay's best friend. The couple are on their honeymoon on a paddle steamer on the Nile. With them, coincidentally, are Canon Pennefather, Kay's guardian, as well as Jacqueline, who it seems has been shadowing them throughout the course of their honeymoon. Also on the boat are Miss Ffoliot-Ffoukes, a rich, pugnacious old woman, and her niece, Miss Christina Grant. Joining them are Smith, a rather direct young man; Dr.Bessner, a German who objects to the methods Kay's father has used to amass his wealth; and Louise, Kay's maid. During the course of the voyage, murder and mayhem ensue. By the time the steamer reaches its destination, Canon Pennefather has laid bare an audacious conspiracy and has ascertained that the criminals shall not go free. Local color is supplied by the ship's personnel and bead sellers from the market place.

Cast of Characters
(In order of appearance)

Beadsellers - Cody Solomone, Maggie Burck and Audrey Folse
Steward - Elbert “Pete” Lee
Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes - Donna Heier
Miss Christina Grant - Liz Zelenka
Mr. William Smith - John Carambat
Dr. Bessener - Robert Jahncke
Louise - Laura Wilkinson
Kay Ridgeway Mostyn - Addie Koch
Simon Mostyn - Eric Crutchfield
Canon Ambrose Pennefather - Kenneth Faherty
Jacqueline de Severac - Jennifer Harageones
McNaught - Lou Gavin

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