Crossing Delancey

Crossing Delancey, Playmakers first production of the 2000-2001 season opened September 15th. Director George Sanchez, a veteran director of Talented Theater at Covington High School, put together a multi-talented cast for this delightful romantic comedy.

Heading the cast in the role of Isabelle (Izzy) Grossman, the girl looking for love in all the wrong places, is Megan Pourciau. Izzy is torn between the sophisticated New York literary lifestyle and the Old World traditions of her cultural heritage. In some ways, this role parallels Megan's life, as she is planning to pursue Graduate work in the field of Writing

Anne Pourciau, Megan's mother, is tackling the demanding role of Bubbie, grandmother to Izzy. Bubbie is a strong, feisty woman, anxious to see her granddaughter begin a life in the tradition she understands. The rapport on stage between mother and daughter adds a unique and touching feel to their scenes together.

The role of Hannah, the brash matchmaker, is being portrayed by Deborah Bettelli. Hannah is a walking Who's What of the Jewish population on the lower East side and is determined to see Izzy matched to the perfect suitor. Deborah has plenty of opportunities to utilize her comedic flair as Hannah.

John Carambat will handle the role of Tyler Moss, the well known fiction writer and object of Izzy's desire. Tyler is very charming, but sees the world from an egocentric perspective.

A newcomer to Playmakers, Lee Jeansonne was cast as Sam, the pickle vendor and poet. Sam is a gentle, intuitive man who has had his eye on Izzy for some time. Lee brought a quite, sensitive quality to his portrayal of Sam.

Crossing Delancey opened September 15th and ran for three weekends, with two matinees the 2nd and 3rd weekends.

Penelope O. Wight

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Ann Pourciau as Bubbie

Deborah Bettelli
as Hannah

Megan Pourciau
as Izzy

Lee Jeansonne
as Sam

John Carambat
as Tyler Moss