The Sound of Music

The "Sound of Music" was our hit summer musical that had it's successful run from July 13 to August 5. Here are photos of our cast members.

Director Lenny Minutillo gives stage directions to Bob Gardner, Robyn Riley and Haley Whitney


Here is the cast for The Sound of Music:

Mimi Knight

Captain Georg von Trapp
John Carambat

Max Detweiler
Russell Krogsgard

Elsa Schraeder
Patricia Stout

Rolf Gruber
Teddy Boone

Mother Abbess
Judith Krogsgard

Robyn Riley

Haley Witney

Karoline Patric

Allyse Gillen

Julie Gardener

Corinn Grillot

Bob Gardner

Shad Stout

A New Postulant
Amanda Vincent

Sister Margaretta
Katherine Patrick

Assistant Stage Manager
Tara Alton

Assistant Director
Robin Breaux

Sister Sophia

Brittany Dugas

Lenny Minutillo

Music Director
Jan Gardner

Brittany Dugas
Nicole Fairburn
Haley Knight
Elizabeth Landers
Brittany Romage
Amanda Vincent
Molly Ziegler

Franz, the butler

Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper

Baron Elberfeld
Ray Perrer

Baroness Elberfeld
Anne Funderburg

Admiral von Schreiber

Stage Manager
Deirdre Alton Cherry


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Did you know that the Sound of Music is based on a true story? Click here for a short history of the real trapp Family Singers.

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