Playmaker's Theater Rules for Actors

A.NO SMOKING IN THE THEATRE AT ANY TIME. We lost the original "Barn" by fire.

B.NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS MAY BE USED BY OR POSSESSED BY A CAST MEMBER before OR during Performance, and no food or drinks are allowed in the carpeted Area by anyone.

C. Disappointments and frustrations are bound to occur. Maintain a positive, friendly,cooperative attitude.

D. Please rest well and eat well during the rehearsal period and the run of the play.

E.Please drive carefully, slowly and defensively on Playmaker's and Lee Road. There are families with small children that live along Playmaker's Road.

F. You may park anywhere along side the theatre during rehearsals, but you must park on the back side of the theatre during performances.

G. Please keep the noise level down while outside on the theatre grounds in consideration of our neighbors.

H. You are responsible for your personal possessions, as well as for items loaned to you for performance. Keep them in good repair, in the same place, and above all keep them until the end of the run of the play.

I. You are responsible for your trash -food and drink containers, make-up applicators and removers, etc. Please dispose of these promptly.

J. Remember that the other cast and crew members have feelings. They too are here on a voluntary basis. There are extraordinary pressures on everyone during rehearsals and the run of a play. Be considerate of others and they will be considerate of you.

K. We are happy that you are here and want you to return. We hope that your experience here is a positive one.

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