House Manager

This Board Member is required by the Insurance Policy whenever the building is occupied by the General Public, and represents the board legally, until the building is vacated by the Public and is secured, or responsibility is transferred to another Member of the Board who agrees to accept it in writing.

  1. OPENING - (1 1/2 Hrs. Before Curtain)
    1. Unlock Inner and Outer Lobby Doors, if first there. (See C-2 d below)
    2. Turn on lights (see Lights in Section "C-4".)
    3. Adjust Heaters/ Air Conditioners. (72 degrees,, approx) Fan Switches "ON". (Two Thermostats on back wall of Audience, One in Green Rm.)
    4. Check Restrooms for condition, Paper supplies, Trash emptied & bag, etc.
    5. Bring Portable Phone from Green Rm. to Box-Office Desk.
    Greet people, Answer questions; Assist Folks in Need; Close inner curtains when show starts & hook them aside before Crowd rushes through at Intermission and at End.
      Set to moderate Temp. for Season. (60 Deg. in Winter/80 Deg. in Summer); Fan Switch to "Auto"
    2. DOORS-
      a. Back Yard- Gates on both sides and two sheds padlocked; Rear Doors of Building closed and wood Bar inserted.
      b. Both side doors in line with Stage Apron Locked.
      c. Both Wood Doors between Inner and Outer Lobby Locked.
      d. Both glass front doors (Allen Wrench Key is to the right of Doors. Insert in Center Hole, push bar in and twist Counter-clock-wise.)
    3. 3. TRASH-
      a. Pick up any trash in Audience or Lobby or Restrooms- (Any time after intermission).
      b. Empty all receptacles over 1/3 full, except that after last performance for the weekend, empty ALL. Dumpster is at side of Cast Parking Area. Bags are in Closet in Ladies' Rm
    4. Bring Portable Phone from Front Desk to cradle in Green Rm.
    5. LIGHTS- *Check Light Booth, Makeup Room Lights, Backstage Wings. Lobby lights & Make-up/Green Rm. *Ceiling lights, and House lights can be operated either Just inside Lobby doors, or at Driveway side Door.
      *Check that Bar Lights and Wall Air Conditioner are "OFF".
Revised May 19, 2006

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