Welcome to Playmakers, Director!

We are happy that you have agreed to direct a play for Playmakers this season. As you know, this is community theatre, therefore anyone and everyone in the community is invited to volunteer to serve at Playmakers as Cast or Production Staff members, subject to the Director's judgement. The Board of Directors will assist you in whatever way they can. They will appoint a producer for your production who will be your liaison to the Board. In keeping with open communication, it is desired that the Director meet with the Board of Directors at the board meeting prior to starting rehearsals. Board meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at Playmakers. Additionally, should any problems or questions arise during the production that cannot be resolved by your Producer, you are invited to attend board meetings during your play's production.

The Board of Directors will provide the following services:

  • Tickets & reservations, P/R, Program and Poster Printing
  • Refreshments @ Hospitality Bar.
  • Cleaning the theatre (Audience and Lobby areas) once before the opening of your play
  • Keeping the bathrooms stocked with paper and soap during performances
  • Parking attendant
  • Board Member In Charge to manage the facility (See attached Duty Sheet)

The Director is responsible for Selecting-

  • The cast
  • Stage manager
  • Stage crew
  • Tech.director/lighting and sound designer*, Set designer *
  • Set constructors *
  • Scenery artists *
  • Set painters
  • Accompanist(s) and choreographer (if any)
  • Costumier
  • Prop hunter
  • Make-up and Hair artist
  • Poster artist *
  • Cast and Crew to help sell ads for the program.

    * If not found, Producer and B.O.D. will assist.

There are certain rules, and requirements that apply to everyone in the production. (See Attachment)

You have artistic freedom, but we ask that gratuitous profanity and obscenity be deleted. The Director is responsible for maintaining control of the physical theatre and any items in the theatre, and controlling the play budget, with the help of your Producer

Play Budget = $1,800.00 for non-musicals.

1. Production costs - $720.00 allocated

a. Production costs generally consist of:

1) Lumber
2) Material
3) Paint
4) Hardware
5) Backdrops
6) Rigging
7) Costumes
8) Props
9) Lighting & sound (maintenance not included)
10) Make-up & Hair
11) Cleaning (1 time before opening) $50.00
12.) Food & perishable consumables used in play

2. Printing & Postage - $600.00 allocated

a) Poster costs - low end - $75.00, black & white.
b) Program costs - low end - $250.00, black & white, two pages, no frills, not collated or stapled.

1) A third page costs approximately $200.00 more

a) Collating - $100.00
b) Stapling - .06 per program

2) A fourth page and each additional page costs approximately $100.00 more each additional page

a) Other printing costs (Postcards to membership) $50.00 -$75.00

3) Scripts and royalties - $600.00 allocated

a) Royalties and script.

4) The director will collect $15 for each copy of the video of the play that the cast requests and pays for. All orders are to be paid for by check and no order is to be taken until the check is in hand.

The Information represented here in no way influences or represents decisions by the Board of Playmakers. If the information is incorrect, please notify Playmakers. This is done as a free service. All changes must be approved by the Board of Playmakers. Contents of this site © PlayMakers, Inc. 2001, PO Box 724, Covington, LA. 70434 or phone 985-893-1671 for reservations.

Duty Descriptions