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Dance Classes

Posted Jan. 31, 2016 - Take dance classes right there at Playmakers with Playmakers' own Summer Children's Theater choreographer, Carée's Dance Academy. No expensive costumes. Flexible schedule.

Hour-long classes Thursdays, 4-6 p.m. and Saturdays, Noon-2 p.m.

Boys and girls ages 5-adult
Technique and fundamentals
Modern and hip-hop with ballet/jazz combo for 9 and under.
Non-competitive, but dancer-challenge environment.

Contact Carée at caree.angelle@gmail.com or (985) 981-6526.


2015 Annual Membership Meeting & Alvin Awards

Component Winner Show
Set Design Derek Thrush Trip to Bountiful
Costumes Elizabeth Williams Trip to Bountiful
Lighting  Derek Thrush Trip to Bountiful
Sound Liz Zalenka Haunting of Hill House
Poster/Program John Carambat Trip to Bountiful
Overall Production Derek Thrush Trip to Bountiful
Leading Actor Cary Martin  Trip to Bountiful
Leading Actress Elizabeth Williams  Trip to Bountiful
Supporting Actor Ros Pogue Trip to Bountiful
Supporting Actress Deborah Marcelle  The King and I
President's Award Anysia Genre  

In Memoriam

Playmakers mourns the passing on January 27 of Kay Files, longtime board member, past president, prolific director, former head of the Theater Department at Southeastern Louisiana University, and an inspiration to us all. She is survived by her husband of fifty years (that anniversary celebrated just this past October), Mark, and daughter, Jenn. Services will be held at EJ Fielding Funeral Home in Covington. Obiituary.


2014 Annual Membership Meeting & Alvin Awards

Component Winner Show
Set Design John Carambat I Hate Hamlet
Costumes Don Fraser The King and I
Lighting  Derek Thrush I Hate Hamlet
Sound Adolfo Rodriguez Almost Maine
Poster/Program Philomusia Studios The King and I
Overall Production Adolfo Rodriguez Almost Maine
Leading Actor John Carambat and Roswell Pogue I Hate Hamlet /
The King and I
Leading Actress Cara Williams The King and I
Supporting Actor Tyler Meyer Almost Maine
Supporting Actress Kathryn Hebert The King and I
The President's Award Roswell Pogue  

2014 - 2015 Board of Directors

President - Kenneth Richard
Vice President - Roswell Pogue
Secretary - Arianne Poole
Treasurer - Donna Heier
Ellen O'Connell
Kay Files
Malcolm Maginnis|
Frank Levy
Melanie Hayno
Jeannette Ketry
Derek Thrush
Cary Martin
Jan Gardner
Elizabeth Williams
Missie Noel

Kelly's Kickers

Playmakers dedicated the proceeds from the March 27 performance of “I Hate Hamlet” to help the O'Mahoney family pay for cancer treatment needed by Kelly O’Mahoney. Learn more about this fundraiser.


2013 Annual Membership Meeting & Alvin Awards

Component Winner Show
Set Design Derek Thrush Lend Me a Tenor
Costumes Kay Files Lend Me a Tenor
Lighting  Derek Thrush  Lend Me a Tenor
Sound Derek Thrush Lend Me a Tenor
Poster/Program John Carambat  Lend Me a Tenor
Overall Production Kay Files  Lend Me a Tenor
Leading Actor Cary Martin (Max) Lend Me a Tenor
Leading Actress Kathryn M Scott (Maggie) Lend Me a Tenor
Supporting Actor Ladson Poole (Tito) Lend Me a Tenor
Supporting Actress Gina Pauratore (Maria) Lend Me a Tenor


Tom Bubrig
Melanie Hayno
Jeannette Ketry
Frank Levy
Malcolm Maginnis, Jr
Ellen O'Connell
Ladson Poole
Ros Pogue
Joy Thompson
Derek Thrush
Kay Files

Ken Richard - President
Adolfo Rodriguez - Vice-President
Arianne Poole - Secretary
Donna Heier - Treasurer

Play Reading Committee
Kay Files
Anne Pourciau
Jeannette Ketry
Adolfo Rodriquez
Ros Pogue
Jason Leader

Entertainment Committee
Melanie Aymami
Joy Thompson
Betty Lancaster
Ros Pogue
Bettie Pogue

Nominating Committee
Ladson Poole
Ken Richard
Derek Thrush


Celebration of the Life
of Russell Krogsgard: March 22

Playmakers invites you to honor and celebrate the life of the late Russell Krosgard. Russell had been working with our stage, both on and off, for decades, with final and touching performance in Cats as Gus. He was an actor, pilot and architect, and an overall wise man. This event is FREE, and open to the public. Starts at 8 p.m.

2012 Annual Membership Meeting & Alvin Awards

Playmakers Theater held its Alvin Awards on August 18, 2012, which is named after Alvin Bertel, who donated the original building. A feast made by Ronnie & Betty Pogue began the yearly event with jambayla, salad, & soft drinks, accompanied by carrot cake donated by Zoe’s bakery. A cash bar was provided and ballots were handed out to elect officers for the 2012-13 season.

President Kay M. Files began the meeting around 7:00 P.M. with Frank Levy as MC & Missie Arato Noel as his assistant, “Vanna”. Levy gave recognition to the late Evelyn Chalaron and Taffy Maginnis for their great contribution to Playmakers existence.

The following awards were given:

Component Winner Show
Best Poster Design John Carambat Footlight Frenzy
Best Set Design Lynn & Randy Perkins Little Shop of Horrors
Best Costumes Kay Files Moon Over Buffalo
Best Lighting Design Derek Thrush Little Shop of Horrors
Best Sound Design Derek Thrush Little Shop of Horrors
Best Supporting Actress Amanda Ainsel Jones Little Shop of Horrors
Best Supporting Actor Ed Morvant Little Shop of Horrors
Best Leading Actress Jan Gardner Moon Over Buffalo
Best Leading Actor: John Carambat Moon Over Buffalo.
Best Show Kay Files Moon Over Buffalo.

Kay M. Files presented the President’s Award to Derek Thrush for his tireless service to the theater.

Attendees were entertained by song selections from past and future shows. Lost in the Darkness from Jekyll & Hyde was sung by Stephen Dale. In His Eyes from Jekyll & Hyde was sung by Amanda Jones & Katy O’Connell. Mushnik & Son, Skid Row, & Suddenly Seymore from Little Shop of Horrors was sung by Alexander Sibley & Ed Morvant and the Little Shop cast.

Each director gave out “Director Choice Awards” to those people who went “above and beyond” in service to their play.


Kay M. Files- President,
Melanie Hayno,
Donna Heier- Treasurer,
Jeanette Ketry,
Frank Levy,
Malcolm Maginnis,
Ellen A. O’Connell,
Adolfo Rodriguez,
Ros Pogue,
Arianne Poole,
Ladson Poole,
Ken Richard- VP,
Renee Sibley,
Joy Thompson, &
Derek Thrush.
Among those newly elected are Ros Pogue, Adolfo Rodriguez & Arianne Poole.

Other election results are as follows: Entertainment/Social Commettee: Melanie Aymami, Joy Thompson, Frank Levy, Betty Lancaster, & Clara Marion. Play Reading Committee: Kay M. Files, Anne Pourciau, Melnaie Hayno, Jeannette Ketry, & Malcolm Maginnis.

2009 Annual Membership Meeting & Alvin Awards

Melanie Aymami
Kenneth Faherty
Kay Files
Donna Heier
Jeanette Ketry
Mark Leonard
Frank Levy
Malcolm Maginnis, Jr.
Ellen O'Connell
Lynn Perkins
Randy Perkins
Ronnie Pogue
Ken Richard
Joy Thompson
Elizabeth Williams

Lynn Perkins - President
Kay Files - Vice-President
Joy Thompson - Secretary
Donna Heier - Treasurer

Mark Leonard - Chair
Melanie Aymami
Kenneth Faherty
Kay Files
Jan Gardner
Jeanette Ketry
Paula Leffman
Taffy Maginnis
Malcolm Maginnis

Kay Files - Chair
Melanie Aymami
Clara Marion
Carolyn Pierce
Joy Thompson
Lee Wimberly

Kenneth Faherty
Donna Heier
Ken Richard


Component Winner Show
Best Poster Design John Carambat Mousetrap
Best Set Design John Carambat Mousetrap
Best Costumes Kay Files Mousetrap
Best Lighting Design Mike Sibley Mousetrap
Best Sound Design Randy Perkins Mousetrap
Best Supporting Actress Barbara Chitwood Lost in Yonkers
Best Supporting Actor Robert Jahncke Arsenic and Old Lace
Best Leading Actress Krista Schafer Proof
Best Leading Actor: Ladson Poole Mousetrap
Best Show Kay Files Mousetrap


In Grateful Appreciation of a Lifetime of Selfless Service and
Devotion to Playmakers Theater and the Arts in St. Tammany Parish.
Randy Perkins, President 2008-2009, Playmakers Theater

Donna Heier
Judy Krogsgard
Russ Krogsgard
Betty Lancaster
Ray Perer
Ronnie Pogue


David McDonnel (Pippin) sang from Pippin, the 2008-2009 summer
musical, directed by Jennifer Patterson

Kate Zenor sang "Beauty and the Beast" representing Frank Levy's
Summer Children's Theater Camp

Russ and Judy Krogsgard sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" in honor of the
rebuild after Hurricane Katrina

Carrie Helm sang "Memory" from Cats, which will be the summer musical
for 2009-2010 season, directed by Lynn and Randy Perkins

SHOWS FOR 2008 - 2009 SEASON

Lost in Yonkers directed by Mark Leonard
Arsenic and Old Lace directed by Weston Twardowski
Mousetrap directed by Kay Files
Proof directed by Larry Gray
Pippin directed by Jennifer Patterson

SHOWS FOR 2009 - 2010 SEASON

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf - directed by Mark Leonard
On Golden Pond - directed by Frank Levy
Sylvia- directed by Kay Files
Over the River and Through the Woods - directed by Anne Pourciau
Cats - directed by Lynn and Randy Perkins


August 27, 2008

To all members:

We have much to be proud of at the close of our 53rd season at Playmakers.  Our high quality productions pleased our audiences as evidenced by the ticket sales that helped make 2008 the best year financially that Playmakers has had since 1997.

Our Board Members and others have completed work that is equally impressive. The road to Playmakers has been paved, which is the fruit of work that was started ten years ago. The stage and floor that was uneven and rotted underneath has been replaced. Insulation is being put in the rafters to help with the heating and cooling.  A new lighting system and sound system have been installed. The area across from the theater has been prepped for parking.  And, most recently, new carpet has been installed.  I thank all of those involved for their hard work and I am proud of the improvements that have been accomplished.

However, we are still faced with many challenges.  Many other needs still exist, including: the addition of green room and storage space, handicapped parking, cooling and heating in the front lobby and the sound booth, making Playmakers eco-friendly (“green”) and updating restrooms.  We must strive to take on these challenges and continue to improve Playmakers.  As President this year, I ask that you, as a member, not just come and see a show - but become active in your community theater. You have many talents that can be put to use in making our theater the best it can be.  Please call me at 985-867-8889 if you would like to help us, or sign-up online at www.playmakersinc.org.  With your help, Playmakers will continue supplying a place that you and your family can call “home.”   Remember – Playmakers is your theater.

We have a great 54th season scheduled and we are looking forward to spending time with each and every one of you.

Randy Perkins


In Memoriam

Claire Jepsen, a long-time, active member of Playmakers has passed away. Read her obituary.

Leicester "Les" Landon, Playmakers Founder, has passed away.
Read his obituary.

Get into the Act!

It’s you! Volunteers, Aspiring Actors and Artists who donate valuable time and talents, as well as Patrons, Business Patrons, Sponsors and Advertisers who donate money and in-kind services who have helped Playmakers produce quality live entertainment to our community at an affordable admission for over 50 years.

2007 Alvin Awards

Favorite Costumes - Melanie Burck for "Babes in Toyland"
Favorite Set - Melanie Burck for "Babes in Toyland", Anne Pourciau for "Crimes of the Heart"
Favorite Poster - John Carambat for "Babes in Toyland"
Favorite Lighting - Randy Perkins, "Crimes of the Heart" and Carson Carmody, "Babes in Toyland"
Favorite Supporting Actor - Ladson Poole, "Babes in Toyland"
Favorite Supporting Actress - Jill Lane, "Babes in Toyland"
Favorite Actor - Merrill Laurent, "Babes in Toyland" and the ensemble cast - Shawn Curry, Brandon Cubas, and Jacob Zeringue. "The Cmplt Wrks of Wm. Shkspr, Abridged"
Favorite Actress - Samantha Schott, "Babes in Toyland"
Favorite Play, "Babes in Toyland", directed by Judy Krogsgard
President's Award - Betty Lancaster and Donna Heier

See Playmakers PHOTOS:

Post-Katrina Photos
See the damage and the repairs.

Working Hard at Playmaking
Inside Northside, March/April Edition
Read the article

Playbarn Update -- Clean-up Day on Jan. 7

The theater is in better shape than it has been in years....all of the storm damage repaired, new shingle roof, exterior completely repainted, new painted storage sheds, new fence and gate, new bar in lobby, along with new paint and tile flooring in lobby. Russell has done a fabulous job of coordinating this rebuild. The combination of his know-how and his contacts in construction have proved invaluable for this amazing job, and Russ deserves our deepest gratitude...Hats off to you, Russ!!

Now we need to pitch in with a group "clean-up/ put away" day, Saturday, Jan. 7. Russ Krogsgard will be at Playmakers at 8:00am to coordinate the job, and we ask you to please donate some of your day to helping out. Any time you can give will be much appreciated, even if it's only 2 hours.
Thank you all for your support and help!

Kay Files

Playmakers Rebuilds and Celebrates 50th

After massive damage to the Covington Playmakers Theater Barn due to Hurricane Katrina, America's 13th longest continuously performing theater company is at last beginning its 50th season. Repairs and renovations are expected to be completed by mid-January, with performance dates in the better-than-new facility to run for two weeks from January 19 through January 29, including special daytime performances for school groups and a regular array of evening shows as well as two Sunday matinees. Fittingly, the theater's rebirth will be celebrated by a show dedicated to the fifty-year story of the building itself. The show is titled The Barn, A Tribute to 50 Years at Playmakers.


Post Hurricane Report
Repair, Rebuild, Renew

During the past 50 years Covington's Playmakers Theater has withstood lightening, floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes, and we are continuing to move forward "After Katrina." The theater building sustained a fair amount of damage as trees fell all around the property. Repair work has already begun, and we are taking this time to completely rewire and update the lighting system, as well as renovate the lobby. We will close our doors for an estimated two months. However, in December, we plan to reopen the new and improved theater with a gala salute to the first 50 years of Playmakers. The show will include memorable moments from the past, entertainment of all types, with lots of music and comedy. Frank Levy, our historian, is writing the script.

Our spring schedule will remain the same as announced:
The Foreigner, March, and Barefoot In the Park, May, with a new inclusion, Alice In Wonderland, June. The July musical is Oliver.


Playmakers, Inc. Theater is supported in party by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council, and as administered by St. Tammany Parish. Funding has also been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works.

The Information represented here in no way influences or represents decisions by the Board of Playmakers. If the information is incorrect, please notify Playmakers.
All changes must be approved by the Board of Playmakers. Contents of this site Playmakers, Inc. 2002-present, PO Box 724, Covington, LA. 70434 or phone (985) 893-1671 for reservations.
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