Wife After Death

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Comedian and national treasure Dave Thursby has died, and on the day of his funeral, friends and colleagues gather beside his coffin to pay their last respects.

There’s Harvey, who wrote Dave’s material; Vi, Harvey’s wife; Kevin Dave’s agent; and Kevin’s wife, Jane.

Dave’s glamorous widow Laura has arranged a funeral to remember, complete with a horse-drawn hearse and attendant dog.

An unfamiliar woman in flamboyant mourning clothes turns out to be Kay, Dave’s ex-wife from before he was famous, and a series of revelations end with Kevin throwing a drink into the coffin and all the guests asking themselves if they ever knew the real Dave.

Character Breakdowns:

Laura Thursby, 40s, attractive widow

Harvey Barrett, 50s, Untidy, angry man

Vi Barrett, Harvey’s wife, Older than Laura, with a fuller figure

Kevin Prewitt,30s

Jane Prewitt,30s

Kay, 40