Get Involved

Calling All Would-Be Actors and Stagehands

Playmakers, now in its 60th year as the oldest continuously running community theater in West St. Tammany, welcomes anyone interested in acting or working behind the scenes. No experience is necessary — only the desire to have fun. Join the fun with your friends and family to help support your community theater.

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House Duty

Usher, Concessions, Sell Tickets, Clean-up


Gardening, Spring Cleaning, Maintenance


Distributing Posters, Labeling Postcards, Writing Thank You Notes, Editing Programs, Designing Poster Art, Planning

Play Production

Acting, Directing, Prompter, Assistant to Director, Parking Attendant, Stage Manager, Lighting, Sound

Props Crew

Gathering, Managing, Donating


Sewing, Locating, Designing

Set Crew

Construction, Painting, Decorating


Party Decorating, Food Donations, Planning


Making Phone Calls, Mail-out Brigade, Selling Season Tickets


Charity Performances, Group Memberships, Coordinating Volunteers


Budget Planning, Grant Writing