All The King's Men

All The King's Men

All the King’s Men

By Robert Penn Warren
Directed by Ken Richard
March 2-18, 2018

Ken Richard directs Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men, March 2-18. Discovering that he is being used by a cynical machine, Governor Willie Stark adopts methods that allow him to control the state. By resorting to corrupt methods, he accomplishes things for the people that were only abstract ideals when he was campaigning honestly. As a portrait of politics, this is effective and provocative.

Robert Penn Warren’s version of the widely known work, which, as a novel, was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, had a highly successful Off-Broadway run during the 1959 season.

Thanks to Kara Martinez Bachman, Author and for the peek behind the curtain!All the King’s Men has wrapped it up with a fabulous run to outstanding reviews. 

Character                            Actor 
Jack Burden –  Gordon Carmadelle
Willie Stark –  Robert Simpson
Tiny Duffy –  Cary Martin
Professor –  Kenneth Faherty 
William Larsen –  Tom Sisney
Tom Stark –  Allen Bryant
Anne Stanton –  Debbie Carambat
Lucy Stark –  Sara-Victoria Place
Dr. Adam Stanton –   Sam Pickens
Judge Irwin –  John Carambat
Sugar Boy O’Sheehan – Jason Smith
Sadie Burk –  Arianne Poole
Jack’s Mother –   Joan Soboloff
Frey/2nd Man/3rd Man –   Christopher Aberle
Slade/Radio Announcer/Man –  Mack Maginnis
Crowd Members, Reporters and Photographers; Kaytlynn EddlemanJohn Roheim

Director –  Ken Richard
Stage Manager –  Joe Lagman


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